CENTRIC is an indie-electronic project from Charlottesville, VA USA that began in the summer of 2002. Its cycled through various configurations from solo artist to full rock band and back again as it continues to explore new territories. The project is centered around exploring and building new tools and technologies to create emotional, dynamic music that feels alive and relevant. The antidote to the button pushing generation if you will, CENTRIC intertwines various electronic devices into their live set with guitars, keys, and big spacious vocals, making them all inspiring and legitimate instruments in their own right.

Jon Kuthy: live drums 2007, 2010, and studio drums on Mirage and the Stone
Paul Tucker: live keys 2007
Andrew Hartman: live keys 2009-2010
Mike McCue: live drums 2009
Ash Bruce: studio drums on Mirage and the Stone (2008)
Matt Durante: Trumpet on After the Fall and live guitar 2004
Mike Britt: Guitar on After the Fall, drums on Mirage and the Stone
Dylan Fulmer: Bass on After the Fall
Ben Harrison: live drums at the After the Fall CD release show
Bentley Rhodes: Bass live 2009
Bartley McGowen: 2006 Guest vocals live
Amelia Lindengren: 2007 Guest vocals live
Chris May: 2004 Bass Live
John Kogoy: 2004 Moog solo at After the Fall CD release show